Plastering Services, Rendering and Dry Lining Services in Leeds

We are a Professional Team of Plasterers in Leeds offering Plastering Services, Dry Lining Services and Rendering Services

Plastering and Rendering Services in Leeds

Our primary focus is to provide effective, high quality plastering and rendering services in Leeds, utilising our highly qualified team.

Plastering Services

Our Leeds plasterers offer all domestic and commercial plastering services covering internal plastering, external plastering, skimming, plaster boarding, float and set, dot and dab, dry lining, artex removal and much more.,
Plastering Services

Dry Lining Services

We offer all aspects of dry lining in Leeds and have successfully completed a range of dry lining contracts. We specialise in delivering a complete all-in-one dry lining package to developers major house builders and residential home owners.
Dry Lining Services

Rendering Services

We provide all aspects of rendering services for both domestic and commercial projects. This includes monocouche render, rough casting (coloured render), silicone thin coat render, acrylic render, cement render, external wall insulation and more.
Rendering Services

Our Process


This involves cleaning the area to be plastered, making any necessary repairs, and applying a bonding agent to the surface to ensure a secure bond.


This involves mixing the plaster to the right consistency and applying it to the surface using a trowel. It is important to ensure a smooth and even application.


This involves sanding down the surface to ensure a smooth finish and applying a sealant to protect the plaster from any moisture or dirt.

Quotes and measurements In Leeds

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Services Information

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